Are you and the family hitting the road for a summer vacation road trip this year? If you're like us here at Woody Smith Ford, road trips may mean stopping at the fast food drive thru. If you want to avoid the drive up window for every meal, bring along some snacks.

Bringing healthy snacks that you won't get bored with easily is a great way to maintain healthy eating habits on the road.

Also, bring plenty of water and refillable water bottles. Avoid overly-caffeinated and sugary drinks and maintain hydration to feel your best on the family trip.

Finally, ensure everyone arrives safely by making sure the driver gets plenty of rest. Drowsy driving can be dangerous for everyone, so don't try to pack too much driving into your day.

Shopping for Road Trip-Worthy Cars in Idaho Falls

Of course, the number one piece you'll need for road tripping this summer is a car that can handle packing in a lot of miles. To shop our inventory of family-friendly cars, browse through our listings of brand new Ford models.

When you see something you like, let us know. Our sales team is here Monday through Saturday.

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