Many people, when they hear of an unfamiliar auto insurance product, automatically assume it is some cheap ploy to get the buyer to spend more on unnecessary insurance. While this might be true with insurance, it is not true when it comes to GAP insurance - which is where our staff members at Woody Smith Ford can come into play.

When people buy new cars, their value immediately starts depreciating. In fact, many borrowers are "upside down" on their loans, meaning the amount of money they still owe is greater than the actual value of the car. If that driver is involved in an accident that totals the car, the regular insurance company is only going to reimburse the current value of the car, not the amount left on loan. In most cases, this can be catastrophic to the car owner.

The next time you are shopping for a new car in the Rexburg, ID area make sure to inquire about GAP insurance with our sales representatives! We're located at 535 S. Yellowstone Highway for when you're ready to learn more!

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