The ignition switch is the most important electronic component in your vehicle. There are a number of reasons why your ignition could be causing issues. It could also be your transponder in the key or a broken key that has been worn down. Worn out or jammed up wafers, as well as a jammed ignition can cause issues.

If your car suddenly stalls or won't start, then it could be a manufacturer defect, attempted vehicle theft, or possibly a break in the line with the battery. If your car starts but then also stalls, you could have an issue with the ignition cutting off power.

When your car's ignition starts to go bad, you should get it fixed ASAP by a car parts and repair technician. There could be issues with your engine or battery as well. You can go to the service department at Woody Smith Ford for the best service and attention to detail. Get a good rate on new ignition replacements!

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