Testing the battery in your car is easy, you'll just need a voltmeter, wire brush, pair of gloves, and safety glasses. Turn the car lights and engine off, then you can open the hood. Put on the safety glasses and gloves, grab your wire brush, and clean the two battery terminals.

Place the red cable to the positive terminal of the car battery securely. Do the same with the black cable to the negative side of the car battery. The meter will show that the battery is still good if the number is 12.4 or higher. It is when the reading shows 12.2 or lower that you need to be concerned because the battery might not be able to hold a charge or be able to crank over the car engine.

Don't put this off any longer. Get to Woody Smith Ford in Rexburg, ID so our crew has the opportunity to inspect the car battery and charging system.

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