Purchase the Ford Escape for Its Capability Features

If you are looking for a popular compact SUV, know that the Ford Escape is a good pick for you. This vehicle is set up with capability features to assist you when you are drive.

When you take on curvy roads, you want to know that you will be able to keep in control of your vehicle and that you will not roll. The Ford Escape is set up with Curve Control technology that makes sure that you are not going too fast on a curve. The Ford Escape is also set up with other features that help to keep…

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Ford EcoSport Capabilities Overview

The new Ford EcoSport is a ramped up version of most subcompact SUVs in the same market. It's got all of the technology, turbocharged engine, and comfort for a great drive no matter where you are headed. While the space inside isn't like a full-size, it definitely provides more comfort than a sports car or small sedan. However, if you are looking for more space, then the cargo is pretty great.

You can get great pickup in this little SUV as well. With a turbocharged engine that comes standard, you can swiftly pass or merge with ease, and…

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How the Ford Taurus Delivers Power

Sleek and elegant, the 2018 Ford Taurus cuts through the wind with an aerodynamic body that is also sophisticated and graceful. The interior comfortably accommodates up to five adults while isolating the cabin from exterior noise. Available leather upholstery, heated and cooled fronts seats, and a heated steering wheel add extra touches of luxury.

Remain with the standard 3.5-liter Twin-independent Variable Cam Timing V6 which mates to a 6-speed SelectShift® automatic transmission to deliver 2888 horsepower. 

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Where Will Your Focus Electric Take You?

When you’re heading out on your next weekend trip, what features do you rely on when selecting a new electric vehicle? Our team here at Woody Smith Ford want to present some of the features packed into this popular compact EV.

You rely on your smartphone and other electronic devices to stay connected with friends and family. With two smart USB ports available, your Focus Electric knows how much power your various devices need so that you can conserve the battery power of your vehicle. 

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There Are Plenty of Reasons to Choose the Ford EcoSport

You wouldn't want your vehicle to go missing, but if it were a 2018 Ford EcoSport, a popular crossover, if someone took your vehicle, the Sync Connect Feature would be able to locate it. So, imagine that you parked your vehicle on the street one night, and in the morning it was no longer there. Sync Connect would be able to find it.

But that's not the only thing that Sync Connect can do. It can also lock, unlock, and start your vehicle remotely with your smartphone. And with Ford Pass, you can schedule maintenance and ask for…

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Settle on the Right Ford Escape Model in Rexburg

Ford has included seating for five in their version of the compact SUV—the Ford Escape. You would think that the label of “compact” would mean cramping of space in the interior. However, Ford engineers found ways to create the sense of space within the confines of their compact vehicle while adding a touch of elegance.

Standard seating in the Ford Escape consists of a durable cloth material over two forward bucket seats and a foldable bench rear seat. You have the option of seats with a leather upholstery upgrade. The front seats do not come standard with power options…

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Signs Your Ignition is in Trouble

The ignition switch is the most important electronic component in your vehicle. There are a number of reasons why your ignition could be causing issues. It could also be your transponder in the key or a broken key that has been worn down. Worn out or jammed up wafers, as well as a jammed ignition can cause issues.

If your car suddenly stalls or won't start, then it could be a manufacturer defect, attempted vehicle theft, or possibly a break in the line with the battery. If your car starts but then also stalls, you could have an issue…

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Test Your Car's Battery Before Your Next Big Adventure

Testing the battery in your car is easy, you'll just need a voltmeter, wire brush, pair of gloves, and safety glasses. Turn the car lights and engine off, then you can open the hood. Put on the safety glasses and gloves, grab your wire brush, and clean the two battery terminals.

Place the red cable to the positive terminal of the car battery securely. Do the same with the black cable to the negative side of the car battery. 

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Identify Potential Tire Troubles Before a Blowout

If you understand what to look for with regards to tire issues, you could possibly reduce the chances of a blowout while traveling down the highway. Here are some tire maintenance tips from Woody Smith Ford that you can put to work for your Rexburg, ID commute!

Look at the side walls of the tires for any signs of bulges or deep cracks in the rubber. Once inside your vehicle, be sure to turn the steering wheel in both directions so you get a better look at the inside tire walls too. It only takes one issue to cause a…

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Should You Switch to Winter Wiper Blades?

When the weather gets colder, motorists are presented with a few new safety hazards that didn't exist in the spring and summer months. In addition to snow and ice creating more dangerous driving surfaces, many drivers will also notice impaired visibility due to streaks left on their windshield by the windshield wiper blades.

Making sure that your wiper blades can keep snow and debris off of your windshield is crucial to preserving your visibility. The most effective way to do this is to invest in some high-quality winter wiper blades

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