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  • Mikki Norlen
    Service and Parts Manager

    ·       Mikki is the Parts and Service Manager at Woody Smith Ford.  She has been with the company for over 23 years and along the way has met many Ford customers that have become great friends.  Working alongside some of the best people in the business with the same values and integrity as herself makes for an excellent workplace.  As grateful as she is for her career, her greatest accomplishment is having her two sons, Shon and Austin.  They have kept her going, kept her laughing and definitely kept her on her toes.  She became a grandma 5 years ago and to say he has her wrapped around his perfect little finger is an understatement.  Her favorite quote is, "Act as if what you do makes a difference.  It does."

  • Keith Drake
    Detail Technician

  • Brandon Hancock
    Service Detail

  • Caleb Speer
    Detail Technician

  • Nathan Muller
    Service Mechanic

  • Darin Beck
    Service Advisor

  • Logan Wagstaff

  • Jose Silvas

  • Bill Moua

  • Preston Rumbaugh

  • Shane Tapper
    Service Advisor

    ·       My name is Shane Tapper.  I was born in a small-town Northwest of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1976.  In 1981 my family and I made the trek across the United States like we are on the Oregon Trail to come to Idaho.  We have lived here ever since I graduated from Idaho Falls High School in 1994 which is also when I entered my career in the automotive industry.  I enjoy the simple things in life like spending time with friends and my family.  I have a beautiful wife and two beautiful kids and they are my whole world and my whole reason for waking up every day.  I started my career here at Woody Smith Ford in July of 2006.  I strongly believe in putting in a good day's work.  I consider myself a people person and take a lot of self-pride in helping people.  I feel that together we can always make a difference.

  • Marco Franco
    Accessory Technician

    ·       Marco was born in Sinaloa, Mexico on May 1st 1967.  His parents are Jesus Franco and Maria de los Angeles Meza.  Marco is number 7 of 10 siblings.  He did his high school and college in Mexico.  In June of 1988 Marco married his high school sweetheart Maria Sanchez Medina.  In that same month the newlyweds decided to travel back to the United States of North America to Los Angeles, California where they lived for a year before moving to Idaho where they still reside today.  Marco and Maria formed a beautiful family with three daughters Geraldine, Iliana and Monica and two sons, Marco Jr and Eduardo.  They have four grandchildren, Kourtney, Harley, Victoria and Sean.  Marco is a husband, son and father.  He is an exemplary hard worker, agile and very intelligent.  His honesty and good reputation has earned him a place of great respect in the community.  He's a devout Catholic, Servant in the Ministries of Reading, Extraordinary Minister of the Holy Eucharist and member of the largest Catholic Fraternal Service Organization Knights of Columbus, occupying the fourth degree.  Marco enjoys his work with Smith Ford, where he has worked for more than 28 years.  In his spare time Marco helps his wife Maria with the family business: Franco Insurance.  He loves traveling, enjoys nature, helping the needy, eating healthy and going hunting.  Marco is loved by his wife, children, grandchildren, friends and family.

  • Zac Jenkins
    Service Mechanic

    ·       I have enjoyed diagnosing and working on things since I was able to hold tools.  I grew up working on vehicles for my father in his commercial and personal shop.  After serving and LDS Mission in Oklahoma, I started to work for Madison Ford to pay for my degree.  During my time working here Madison Ford became Woody Smith Ford where I earned Senior Master Technician status, received a B.S. in Psychology, had a family of four boys with my smoking hot wife and currently a member of the Technician Review Panel for Ford Motor Company.  I enjoy mountain and road biking, snowboarding and spending time with my family.

  • Travis Jones
    Service Mechanic

    ·       My name is Travis Jones.  I have worked for Woody Smith Ford for 5 years.  I am a Senior Master Technician.  I like to help people as quick as I can so they can get back to their fun and lives.  I have 4 kids and a wonderful wife.  I enjoy being outdoors, camping, hunting, fishing and playing sports with my kids.

  • Andrew McLorance
    Service Mechanic

    ·       Andrew has worked for Woody Smith Ford since December 2017.  He has been in the mechanical industry for 12 years.  In his spare time he enjoys camping and drives in the hills.

  • Hayden Sackett
    Service Mechanic

    ·       My name is Hayden Sackett.  I'm 21 years old and I've been working at Ford dealerships for 3 years.  I've been at Woody Smith Ford for almost a year.  I live in Rexburg with my wife Hailey and we are expecting our first child in September.

  • Jordon Pacheco
    Lube Technician

    ·       Jordan has two lovely kids, who are his whole life.  One girl and one boy.  He has worked for Woody Smith Ford for 7 years.  He loves the outdoors and playing sports.  You can catch him outside soaking up the awesome weather, going on adventures, hanging with friends or helping others.  "Catch you on the flip side".